Wedding Rings – A brief guide to buying wedding rings

Wedding rings are available in such a wealth of designs and metals that it is almost bewildering when trying to choose the most suitable types of wedding rings. There is, however, a little advice that might prove very useful when shopping for wedding rings.

The first step is knowing what metal you wish to have. There is a choice between colour and quality with 18ct Gold being a favourite. The gold is very hard wearing due to the high proportion of gold in the ring and will wear very well over a long period of time. It is also available in 18ct White Gold, the white finish being achieved by plating the jewellery with a final Rhodium layer. This layer is brilliant white and very hard wearing. The process lasts for a very long time and only repolishing will take off this layer. When the ring is repolished professionally, a new Rhodium plate can be applied for very little expense. Platinum on the other hand is naturally white, but is much more expensive due to its rarity and preciousness. A combination of Yellow Gold and White Gold is a good idea when both colours of gold are frequently worn by the person.

The next step is deciding other factors such as the ring width. For plain examples, it might be consistent to aim for a similar width to the engagement ring. Men on the other hand generally have a wider wedding ring, often over 5mm. It may be necessary to opt for a wider wedding ring if diamonds are being set into the band. This will allow a small amount of gold either side of the diamonds which is always advisable. For example if 2mm (0.03cts) round diamonds are set into a wedding band, a 4mm band will allow 1mm on either side of the wedding ring.

Now we come to the profile, of which there are many. Here are some of the more popular profiles.

Court shaped : curved gently on the outside and inside.
wedding rings incredible beauty what is court shaped wedding ring
D- Shaped : flat on the inside and rounded on the outside
d shape wedding ring
Flat : flat on both the inside and outside
flat wedding ring
Flat Topped Court : flat on the outside with a curved court shape inside (ideal for diamond setting.)
white gold flat top inner court wedding ring
Concave : This curves in at the centre giving a more contemporary feel.

Concave wedding ring in white gold


When buying a wedding ring to fit alongside the engagement ring, it is best to match the profile up to the engagement ring. This will allow a much more consistent appearance. Finally we move onto how the ring will sit near the engagement ring. If the diamond setting of the engagement ring creates an awkward shape, it is possible to have a bespoke wedding ring made to fit around the engagement ring. This is easily done, the best method using a wax model, created to sit next to the engagement ring. From this the wedding ring can be made by the goldsmith. A perfect fit can be achieved in this way. This is not enormously expensive but gives the best match by far.

There are many ways wedding rings can be made to look individual. Diamond set wedding rings are very popular these days. Patterned wedding rings, two colour designs, and shaped wedding rings are just a few of the styles available. The most important thing to remember is that it all comes down to personal taste. You are, after all, the person who will be wearing the ring for the rest of your life.