Let LOVE be the Light of your Life

If you’re planning a wedding you’re probably thinking, “How do I make my special day, special?”

There’s no one thing that will make your wedding your desired aesthetic, it’s a collective effort, but Something-Nice have effortlessly collected a catalogue of rustic wooden furniture rental including light up Love letters to help pluck your dream wedding, well out of your dreams… and into reality.

Growing evermore popular with prospective brides and grooms are light up letters, the most popular of which spell, “LOVE” Which perfectly encapsulates the ambience that all weddings should be looking to achieve, as Love is what really brings a wedding together.

Something nice operates all over the North and are willing to travel to make your dream wedding come into fruition. So even if you’re not in Manchester, Warrington, Cheshire or Hale – you should still enquire as to the services they can offer because I have yet to see L O V E letters that have been crafted to a better degree and I’ve been in the wedding industry for what feels like eons!

Something-Nice.co.uk are a company making big waves in the Wedding hire industry, due to the incredible hand crafted quality of all their event décor hire, including vintage and rustic props, the obvious amount of detail to attention when crafting  their available props is incredibly apparent, and when dealing with Something-Nice, something immediately sprung to mind that had been lacking from my previous dealings with wedding venue décor hire companies – professionalism and a feel that they were trying to craft a look that was aesthetically pleasing to the client.