Titanium Wedding Bands – For a Bond of a Lifetime

Every couple about to get married, have this desire to be very vocal about their love. They may go shouting from the rooftop about their love and they might even plan for their weddings for a long time. But this said, their wedding day would be the most eventful day in their life. Surely, right from the time they propose each other for marriage, they might begin to plan to make their W-Day special. This is when they might think of proposing especially unlike anyone else had ever done. They might even think of especially going out of their way to impress their partner so that their partner especially remembers that way and that day in their life.

Extraordinary Wedding Proposals

To make your wedding day or day of proposal special, you might have thought of taking your partner out for a romantic candle light dinner or even have a gala party thrown just to present them with the rings. But, for the wedding, you can do something even better and with perfect planning, you shall make sure that the wedding is the day when you and your partner begin your life together as life-partners. To make this day special, Titanium wedding bands shall also add some glamour and some interest in your entire life.

In a bid to make the day special

A woman would surely love to be dressed in her best clothes on her wedding day when she would have to meet plenty of people and pose in thousands of snaps with friends and relatives. But that is also the time when she would be embarking on a journey of a lifetime. A wedding that gets’s, to begin with, an exchange of vows and wedding rings should be as auspicious to both the partners. This is why Titanium wedding bands are surely right for that moment.

Titanium Wedding Bands
Titanium Wedding Bands

These wedding rings or bands can be ordered for you and your spouse in exact likeness with your initials engraved in each other’s rings. There are many people who might have used or seen golden rings of 18 or 22carat gold and then there might be people going for platinum rings and wedding bands. Titanium made rings are equally hot in the market and since they are hypoallergenic, they can be worn by anyone without any fear of getting any skin allergy.

Titanium is known to be one of the tough metals and therefore, you shall rest assured that these rings are hard and last as long as your relationship – that is to say, for life and beyond. Yes, these titanium wedding bands can be used even for bequeathing it to your future generations just as you would do for your family heirloom. Since weddings are so special events, and several families have emotions and sentiments attached to it, there are many people who might wish to get this new metal tested for its purity and quality. Do not hesitate in reading about titanium online and make sure to buy these for yourself and your bride with care.

Wedding Flowers: How many? How much?

Choosing the perfect wedding flowers is quite an obstacle when narrowing down the details. Every flower has a specific list of colours it is available in and depending on the season flowers can be hit or miss. Not to worry my dear! There are plenty of beautiful flowers available in the flower market and most florists can get their hands on prime pickings.

Flower Colours:

Spring Wedding Flowers Colours

When it comes to wedding flowers and colour coordination I recommend that you have your wedding colours picked out and then choose flowers that complement or accent the overall wedding theme or colour of the linens. For example, at my wedding, there was a beach and nature theme so the flowers were in square glass vases with seashells. The flowers were in greens, purples, pinks, and ivory that all blossomed with natural beauty and had the beach garden look.

Linen Colours:

When you have the linen colour chosen, make sure to get a swatch for your florist. That way when they go to the flower market the colours will accent your tablecloths. If you choose classic white linens then the florist can cater to the specific flowers you like and find others that coordinate well in arrangements.

Countless Arrangements:

wedding Flower Countless ArrangementsWhen it comes to determining how many flower arrangements you need take note if you have an open bar, cake table, buffet, standing tables, sit down tables or a head table. Before you give the florist a definite count on the number of centrepieces make sure you have a head count. Then you can avoid having too many flower arrangements or too few.

My recommendation is:

  • one medium arrangement for the centre of each round table
  • two medium arrangements for each longer rectangular tables
  • one small arrangement for the bar
  • one large arrangement for the cake table
  • one small arrangement for the women’s bathroom
  • one large arrangement for the appetiser table
  • one small arrangement for each standing drink and appetiser table
  • boutonnieres for the ring bearer, groomsmen, fathers and grandfathers
  • corsages for the bridesmaids, mothers and grandmothers

Finalise Your Order:

Once you have the venue booked and get a head count then comes the fun part. Count up all the tables you need arrangements for and start the elimination process. Get a hold of the nearest florists and see if they are available for your wedding date and how much small, medium and large arrangements cost (roughly). Chat with each one about the types of flowers or colours you would like. If you give them a budget then they will work their magic with what they have. Don’t worry if you only have a limited amount of money. Some flowers can be just as beautiful and half the price.

flowering potted plants
flowering potted plants

Really Tight Budget:

If you are on a really tight budget and florists seem to be out of the picture go to a nursery and buy a pretty flowering potted plant for each centrepiece and a terracotta pot. Then you can paint the pots to accent your wedding colours with paint from the craft store. Then you can go to a floral shop and get 2 dozen roses, cut the stems and wrap them in wire and then ribbon for the bride’s bouquet and do the same with different colours (only one dozen instead of two) for each bridesmaid. This eliminates paying for the florist’s long hours of work and allows you to still have pretty flowers at your wedding. Either way, it is your special day and it will be special no matter what.

Wedding Hats, Veils and Headpieces

Covering a bride?s head with a veil or a hat today is purely an aesthetic decision but the history of bridal head decoration is a lot more complicated and quite bizarre.

Imagine your hair twisted and waxed into a punk-like spire coming straight from the top of your head; an attractive look for your wedding day? Well, ancient Romans used to do this to the bride in order to protect her from ?horned demons? and keep her pure. Funnily enough the trend never really took off.

Wedding Hats, Veils and Headpieces

Historically, hair was considered unclean and headdresses were often used to hide it since it was only fairly recently that regular bathing caught on. In the 1600s conical headdresses were placed on the bride?s head, possibly in place of the ancient Roman ?spike? look, and a full-length veil was attached at the tip.

Wedding Hats, Veils and Headpieces

The historical significance of the veil is three-fold. Firstly they were worn to confuse evil spirits and goblins which, for some odd reason, were thought to hang around brides on their wedding day. Secondly, as most marriages were arranged, the veil was used so that the groom wouldn?t bolt before the ceremony if he didn?t consider the bride attractive enough. It was also considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony so the veil helped obscure her from his vision. This latter superstition is something that many brides still adhere to today.

Wedding Hats, Veils and Headpieces

Time has dictated the trends in terms of what is hot for bridal headwear. In the 1920s the cloche cap veil was popular and was decorated with lace and satin or velvet ribbon. During this time, headpieces were generally more elaborate because the dresses tended to be more simple and formless.

Wedding Hats, Veils and Headpieces

The flappers of the 20s were fond of floral wreaths.
Veils today come in different styles, including centre-gathered, oval-cut, mantilla or drop.

Wedding Hats, Veils and Headpieces

All good wedding shops will offer advice on an appropriate hats or veils to complement your wedding dress.

Wedding Cake Toppers Creates The Difference

It is the only day when the couple plans for a pretty long time and each of them try to make their D day special from all aspects. Therefore they try to make it different so that they get admired from the maximum number of people. Wedding is the only event in life when romanticism plays the vital role and all the rituals that are followed suits the purpose. Wedding cakes have become one of the most important aspects that have come into being. And to add more value to the cake the wedding cake toppers creates a separate impression altogether.

Wedding Cake Toppers Creates The Difference

Now another way of enjoying the day is to raise the wedding toasting flutes. It has become quite common these days that they keep the stock of different kinds of wines and other alcohol. This has become a fashion of today and people are quite deeply attached to it. It is seen that even the couples are also enjoying this because this can enrich the romantic feel within them.

Wedding Cake Toppers Creates The DifferenceWedding Cake Toppers Creates The Difference

The wedding guest books can also make a difference to the entire event. These are given to the guests as a symbol of honor and this is the most elegant way to make them remember the event for a longer period of time. You can opt for traditional marriage or the modern kind of marriage but both of them are equally important to the invitees. All they want is the warm welcome in the reception and heartfelt enjoyment. If the arrangements go like this then this is going to be the most happening experience in the life of the people.

Wedding Cake Toppers Creates The Difference

You can always choose the guest book according to your choice and make it an asset for the lifetime. Moreover you also have the facilities to design the wedding cake toppersaccording to your own choice. There are many kinds of designs that are available in the market. Moreover the designers are working day and night to create new designs. The best part of the event is people are nowadays thinking of the newest possible designs and trying to incorporate them within the cakes. This has given rise to many new thoughts and ideas that has widely encouraged the entire generation.

Wedding Cake Toppers Creates The Difference

Now if you are hesitant with the availability of such beautiful cake toppers like the designs of flowers, dolls, butterflies and many more then you can easily find many bakeries today who are ready to take the initiative of making the cakes as per your choice. Furthermore you can also check the online services and many other websites from where you can get the different ideas and contacts of the renowned shops who are expert in making the cakes and perfect toppers.

Wedding Favors Something To Remember Your Wedding By

Wedding favors that are unique will certainly be kept for a long time and every time the receiver looks at it, memories of your wonderful wedding will come into their mind. It is also a sign of thank you gesture from the couple to those who came to their wedding.

Wedding favors that are unique

The traditions of giving out wedding favors was started by the medieval aristocrats. They would be given to those with equal social status. The wedding favors are small trinket box filled with sugar cubes and the reason for this is because sugar being very expensive is a sign of wealth.

The practice continues today and is not limited to aristocrats or the wealthy. It is also a sign of appreciation and the gift varies from food to simple ornaments. The gift would greatly depend on what the couple’s thinks best to represent their gratitude to the guests.

Here are the types of common wedding favors:

  • – When you want hassle free and simple to purchase favors, decorative wedding favors are the one for you. They are just decorative ornaments meant for the table or just about anywhere. Examples of these favors are paperweights, pots, scented soaps, wedding unity candles and miniature glass bottles.
  • Practical wedding favors are items you can use because they are usually things like photo frames, pen holders, candles and scented foam bath sets. They can be really pretty and most of the time; they’ll end up being decorative items because of this.
  • Humorous wedding favors are given out with a tongue-in-cheek approach. These are favors that are meant to be funny more than meaningful. The main objective of giving out humorous wedding favors is for the guests to have fun with and not to treasure. Some choices are party-poppers, whistles, bells, garter belts and even lottery tickets.
  • Edible wedding favors are food-and-beverage-based favors given with the intention that guests enjoy high-quality gourmet foodstuffs as a way of remembering the wedding. The most popular edible wedding favors are by far, chocolates (in any shape and form), fruit cake and cookies. Less common ones, but which are just as good, as gourmet coffee or tea.
  • If you’re enthusiastic about saving the environment, you can have wedding favors that carries the message. You can have wedding favors that are made from recycled materials and decorated in a very elegant manner. Everyone will be amazed.
  • You can also find seasonal wedding favors that you can have for your seasonal wedding theme. The gifts are usually anything that has to do with the season you’re getting married or even in the color that represents that season. Maple leaves card holder makes a great fall wedding favors while flip-flops are for the summer wedding.

Wedding favors do not have to be expensive items. In fact, some of the most memorable and well-used wedding favors could very well be that budget-friendly coaster set, plastic beach ball or pair of rubber flip flops. The last thing you should want your wedding favor to end up being is discarded the moment they reach home or even worse, in some corner of their store room gathering dust.

Always make it a point to evaluate the type of people you invite to your wedding. Are they the crowd that would appreciate decorative ornaments or will they cherish something that they can use such as paperweight or photo frames? By doing this, you will be able to roughly determine where your favors will end up.

When choosing wedding favors, ask yourself some questions:

  • What will this gift be used for?
  • Will my guests enjoy their gift?
  • Does this reflect us or our personalities?
  • Will my closest friends expect something like this from us?